Monetary Platform.


with a cutting-edge technology

Ethereum Vega is a continuation of Ethereum, with an original block rewards served with replay-attack protection.

It has hardforked at the block number 4370000 so all ethereum holders before block 4369999 will hold EVA with the same amount.

Ethereum Vega is a decentralized monetary platform based on cutting-edge blockchain technology.

It provides an ecosystem for building non-stop applications that run decentralized services without any possibility of downtime, censorship, fraud or third party interference that comes from centralized governance.

New Features

Sustainable monetary policy

Following previous issuance policy, Ethereum Vega provides scalable, immutable monetary policy with no harm from inflation or centralized governance, 3rd party interference.

Strong replay protection

A new chain_id value provides replay protection, improved hardware wallet security, and elimination of the quadratic hashing problem.

Difficulty adjustment code

This version will enable changing default chain_id for main-net and test-net. Therefore, if you use higher version than 1.9.0 you will be safe from replay-attacks. (This also ensure that EVA is different from ETH.)

Decentralized governance

Since the upcoming dev teams will be raised by premine stake, there is no risk or concern for paused or discontinued development.



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What is “Ethereum Vega"?

Ethereum Vega is a monetary platform based on blockchain technology. It is fully decentralized, with no central bank and requires no trusted third parties to operate.

Is “Ethereum Vega” different from “Ethereum"?

Yes! Ethereum Vega is the continuation of the Ethereum network with decentralized governance. It is a fork of the Ethereum blockchain ledger, with upgraded consensus rules that allow to grow and scale.

Is “Ethereum Vega” a competitor of “Ethereum"?

No. Since Ethereum is currently switching to POS, Ethereum and Ethereum Vega will be likely to have a different ecosystem. Therefore, Ethereum Vega is not in competition with Ethereum over limited resources.

How can I earn “Ethereum Vega"?

The Ethereum Vega (EVA) initial coin distribution method is exactly the same as that used by Bitcoin Cash(BCH). All Ethereum holders who possess ETH private keys on the block number 4369999 will receive Ethereum Vega on the rate of 1 EVA = 1 ETH (If you have 20 ETH you will receive 20 EVA). You need to control ETH private keys in order to make Ethereum Vega transactions.

Why was a fork necessary to create "Ethereum Vega"?

While Ethereum network is planning to switch to POS, however, there was a need of POW chain with the latest Ethereum protocol. Therefore, Ethereum Vega has born at the turning point of POS, aims to be a POW network with the latest Ethereum protocol.

Which Development Team is In Charge of "Ethereum Vega"?

Unlike the previous situation in Ethereum, there is no one single development team for Ethereum Vega. There are now multiple independent teams of developers.

What is the ticker symbol for "Ethereum Vega"?

Ethereum Vega is represented by a number of different ticker symbols depending on the service or wallet. EVA/ETV are the most popular tickers, with XEV being used to meet the International Standard for currency codes (ISO 4217).

How can I run or handle my "Ethereum Vega"?

The Ethereum Vega full node client with signed prebuilt binaries is available for download at and the source code can be found at


* Please be careful of scam sites. We do not sell EVA or require your private keys. Your security is your responsibility.